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FlashPlayer 8.5 Alpha performance test

October 27, 2005 Leave a comment

Some geeks made performance test gauging with older versions like FlashPlayer 7 and 8. FlashPlayer 8.5 Alpha is performing 10 times better. View the report on

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Next Generation Flash Platform Alpha Out

October 17, 2005 Leave a comment

Flex Builder 2, the Flex Framework 2, Flex samples, command line tools, and Flash Player 8.5 for Windows are out. Get it and tryout those. It’s all hot 🙂

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XMI2Actionscript – Tool to generate Actionscript pseudo code from your UML Design

October 10, 2005 Leave a comment

When you were using Flash for an application development project, UML Design is the first step out of it. Like any other programming languages, now we can create Actionscript pseudo code from UML. XMI2Actionscript easily creates the Actionscript pseudo code when you design UML with Enterprise Architect or with ArgoUML.

Export your UML Design to a *.XMI file and using .XMI file, you can create the AS2 Classes with all the relationship and package structures.

Features :
1. Source: XMI version 1.0 or 1.2, Output HTML page with all the classes.
2. Support for inheritence (extends)
3. Support for complex Namespaces
4. Automatic creation of folders in accordance to classes’ namespaces.
5. AS2DOC compatible standard documentation copying from XMI, Including documentation for methods params.
6. Automatic creation of static variables required by CreateClassObject
7. Automatic creation of constructor
8. Recognition for static methods
9. UI interface available in .Net 1.1 and for web as ASP. XSL which is used for conversion is an external file, thus you can extend it easily.
10. A special dialog to select the classes you wish to export from the file or altogether.

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Actionscript 3

October 10, 2005 Leave a comment

Still more astounding news from Macromedia after releasing it’s newer version on Flash Platform. ActionScript 3.0 features a compilation mode for stronger compile-time type checking that provides the benefits of languages such as Java or C#. Look more into

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